October 2, 2017

Dear Parents and Second Graders, I hope you have been enjoying these wonderful fall days! We will not have school Friday, Oct.20th due to a teacher in-service. The students have their usual homework packet which will be due this Friday, Oct. 6th. We will have our spelling test this Friday. We will learn the name of his special garments. We will start “Book Club” for reading. The students will be in small groups for partner reading and then they will join me for sharing and reading aloud from their special books. We are practicing time and reading clocks for elapsed time ie. “if we hiked for two hours and started at 1:00, what time would it be when we finished?” We also continue to write and share our creative stories. We have mass this Thursday, Oct. 5th at 10:15. You are welcome to join us. Have a blessed week. Sincerely, Mrs. Diane Weber