September 25th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


September 25, 2017


I hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend with your families!


Important Information:

  • Please send your children with coats since it is getting chillier.  It’s hard to believe that it was 90 degrees not too long ago!
  • Please label your children’s St. Al’s sweatshirts, coats, and lunchboxes.  The sweatshirts, especially, all look alike.  Thanks!
  • Please save your Box Tops!  The race is on to collect as many as we can.  You can send them with your child and we will turn them in.  Those Box Tops will give money back to our school.  Thanks!
  • My website is now up and running!  I will put my newsletters on it as well as any other announcements.  I will also attach the newsletter to the homework each week.
  • Homework this Week (packet due Friday):
  1. Math Facts Log (Your child should practice math facts each day for at least 10 minutes each night).
  2. Reading Log: (A good rule of thumb is to read 20 minutes a day.  This can be done at night in bed if that works for your child.  If your child is an emergent reader, he/she should read to you or another adult.)
  3. Math Problems (two-sided):

Here’s an explanation of a few of the problems:

*Count On Facts (You can count on with your fingers or in your head to solve them.  They are usually a number plus 1 or plus 2.  EX:  6 + 1 or 11 + 2)

*Number Rack (This is the picture on the bottom of page 1.  We have been using a real Number Rack during class.  It is like an Abacus that used to be used for counting, adding, and subtracting.  We slide the beads over to either add or subtract.)

  1. Spelling: Please practice the words on the list for the test on Friday.


Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, September 28th, 10:15 a.m., Mass of the Holy Spirit at the church (We will be walking with our first grade buddy class.  If you would like to join us for Mass, please be here by 9:50 to walk over with us.  You can also meet us at the church if you like.)
  • October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th MAP testing
  • October 3rd, Blessing of the Animals, 2:30
  • October 4th, GU Nurses Re-Screening
  • October 5th, Ordinary Time Mass, 10:15 at the church
  • October 11th, Individual Picture Day
  • October 20th, No School, Teacher Inservice


Curricular Information:

Math:  This week we worked on problem solving with the Number Rack.  We also completed our addition strategy tables and our subtraction strategy tables.  We learned a fun addition game with number cards as well.


Writing:  We set goals for our writing during Writing Workshop.  We continued to work on writing true stories.  We learned about writing paragraphs when we write.


Religion:  We went through “The Morning Offering” prayer and discussed what the lines mean.  There is some rich vocabulary in that prayer that we had to make sense of!  We also read the “Parable of Talents” in the book of Matthew and connected that parable to our lives.  We have been looking at both the Old and New Testaments and learning about the Gospel.


Social Studies:  We began learning about maps this week.  We looked at several maps I have from AAA and looked at their legends.  We made our own maps of our bedrooms at home and included legends.


Science:   We enjoyed a video about water in our world and the water cycle.  We also did an experiment.  For the experiment, we focused on the question, “How does water move on a slope?”


Reading:   As the children read, I continued to assess them on their reading.  I was able to finish my assessments.