6th Grade News

Hello Families!

Congratulations on making it through the first week of school! I am so happy to be getting to know your children as the days continue.

In Religion, students should be memorizing the 1st 5 books of the Bible. They have a color coded “Books of the Bible” worksheet and the Pentateuch should be colored green. There will be a short Pentateuch quiz on 9/13/2017. We also have a fun project regarding the characters in Genesis. Students will be assigned a character from Genesis and will be asked to create a Large Baseball Card with this character’s stats. A rubric is attached to this email. They will be completing this mostly in class, but will be allowed to take their projects home on the 15th to finish them before the due date on 9/18/2017.

In History and Geography, students are reviewing the continents and oceans. We will move onto the countries of Africa in the coming week and dive into Ancient Egypt this month.

This week in Humanities we are venturing into some very exciting work. Students will be working in Literature Circles and each student will have his or her own job in this circle. Attached is a list of these jobs along with requirements.

Lastly, tomorrow is Back to School Night starting at 6:30PM in the gym. Following your time in the gym, you may attend one of two 20 minute sessions in the 6th grade class. Information we will be covering will include dress code, homework policy, class scope and other questions or concerns you may have. Attached is the 6th grade syllabus. If you are able to attend open house, you will also receive a copy of the homework contiuum, dress code, and other informative policies.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, have a wonderful week! If you have any questions or concerns please email me!

Mrs. Katie Girardot Putnam