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Please remember our school is peanut-free, so no peanut products are allowed to come to school.

The Department of Early Learning requires each child to have a sheet on their rest mat during rest time. Please send a crib-sized sheet for your child, then take it home at the end of the week for washing, and bring it back on their first day back for the week. This helps prevent the spread of germs!

Please remind your child to wash their hands when they arrive at school - again, helping to reduce the spread of germs!

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe and healthy!


Thank you for all the great words that start with M! We had fun talking about everyone's contributions and writing all the words on a large sheet of paper throughout the week. Some favorites were: moon, monkey, monster, mermaid, Mickey Mouse and muffin!

 We attempted our first class cooking project on Friday, making blueberry muffins, and they were quite tasty!

This week our theme will be "Farm" and we will be learning about letter "F". Art projects will include paper plate farm animals and bubble wrap fish.

Once again, please help your child think of five words that start with the letter F and bring them to class on Tuesday or your next scheduled day.

Also, please bring a family picture to class if you have not already done so!

Happy Birthday to Keziah and Jett, who both turned four!


We had a great first week in the Hawks classroom! We focused on learning everyone's name and getting accustomed to our class schedule. We practiced cleaning up, sharing and taking turns, forming an orderly line and listening to directions.

During each week our special activities will be scheduled as follows: Monday art in the art room, Wednesday and Thursday music with Ms. Ashley, 1st and 3rd Friday Stretch and Grow in the cafeteria.

This week our theme will be "All About Me" and we will begin learning about letter M. Art projects include a big self-portrait and a letter M mouse.

Your child's homework assignment for tonight is to think of 5 words that start with the letter M (parent help is encouraged!) Please bring these words to class on Tuesday or your next scheduled day!

Also, some of you may know that we have a student visiting us from China. Today is their Mid-Autumn Festival and her grandfather was kind enough to share some traditional moon cakes with our class. Be sure to watch for the full moon tonight!

Finally, if you have a family picture that we can display in our classroom please bring it in!

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