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Winter assessments should be ready to hand out on Wednesday this week! We'll have a copy for you to sign, and a copy for you to take home. Please ask if you have any questions or concerns.


Last week was a little challenging, trying to think of letter 'Q' words and finishing up student assessments, so this week we are happy to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite children's authors, Dr. Seuss! There is no homework this week, instead you are welcome to bring in your favorite Dr. Seuss book to share with the class! Each day we will read Dr. Seuss stories and work on a related art or cooking project.

Here is our week's schedule of activities:

Monday - Learn about Dr. Seuss, read Green Eggs and Ham and make a hat collage

Tuesday - Read The Lorax, decorate pots and plant marigold seeds

Wednesday - Read Horton Hatches the Egg and make silly sculptures

Thursday - Read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and make a similary themed snack

Friday - Read The Cat in the Hat, watch a theatrical production on DVD of The Cat in the Hat and have popcorn

Also, next week we will be reviewing letter 'M' and turning our dinosaur dig site into a market, where the children can pretend to buy groceries. Please send any empty food containers or boxes that we could add in!

Next week, March 2nd thru March 6th, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss! Please allow your child to bring in their favorite, or your favorite, Dr. Seuss book! Remember to put their name on it so it can be returned to you. We will send home more information on our week as we make plans!

Last week we had fun learning about letter 'D' and setting up our dinosaur themed dig site and sensory table, complete with sand and fossils! We also made lanterns for Chinese New Year on Thursday and for a treat on Friday we had 'd'reamsicles (orange and vanilla flavored popsicles).

This week we are working on the letter 'Q' so please think of some words to share with the class. This week's art projects will be painting with Q-tips and quills, and making a class quilt out of paper. We will also be cooking quesadillas on Wednesday!

Happy Birthday to Chase who turned four last week and thank you for the Spider-Man cupcakes!

Have a great week!

This week in our class we will work on the letter 'D'. We now have a 'dinosaur dig site' in our dramatic play area, dog and dinosaur books in our library, ducks and dinosaurs in our play dough area and in religion this week we learn: David Teaches us to Pray.
Last week some of our 'V' activities were making a violet collage in our art area, tasting Ms. Nicole's homemade vegetable soup and handing out Valentines for our party! Thank you to those who sent items for us to decorate cookies!
Please check your child's extra clothes, making sure there are 2 weather appropriate changes here. 
Ms. Nicole and I have started the winter round of assessments for your child. It is our goal to have them completed by the first week of March. With 25 students, that may be a bit tricky!
Have a great week!

I write his newsletter with a heavy heart after seeing our beloved Seahawks fall to the Patriots on Sunday! Some extra hugs or high-fives from my students would be much appreciated!

On a happier note, thank you to everyone who was able to attend Grandparents/Special Persons day on Friday, it was a lot of fun! Also, Happy Birthday to Mikinley, who turned four last week!

This week we will be learning about letter 'V' so please remember to bring your words to class. Activities this week include making a baking soda and vinegar volcano, gluing a collage of violet items, and cooking up some vanilla pudding. Also, Ms. Kim will be taking a vacation and will be gone Tuesday through Friday so Ms. Christy will join us on those days.

We will be celebrating Grandparents Day on Friday January 30th. Please invite your child's grandparents to join us for a treat! Time to be announced later, most likely will be in the morning.

We hope everyone had a nice three day weekend! Last week in the Hawks class we glued jewels in the shape of a 'j' and tasted different kinds of jelly. In music, Ms. Ashley taught us addition, subtraction and about classical music. We made snowmen out of marshmallows (we might have done some marshmallow tasting as well!)

This week we will be talking about letter 'i' and we will explore ice blocks in the sensory table, paint with colored ice cubes in art and even make ice cream cones! We will also try our large motor and listening skills with the game of "freeze"! Remember to send some words that start with the letter 'i'.

Happy Birthday to Charlotte who turned four this week! 

The ELC will be closed next Monday January 19th in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Hawks had a very busy week last week!

In cooking we made home made waffles, in science we observed white carnations take on blue, green and red dye, and in art we made snowman prints. We had music with Ms. Ashley, and art with Ms. Lisa. We also got to celebrate Rosie's birthday with cupcakes!

This week our curriculum includes: letter of the week 'J', We Belong to a Family in religion, making marshmallow snowmen, jungle animal prints and jewel collages in art, in cooking we will have 'j'elly tasting and 'j'ello making, and Jesus Loves Me will be our song. We will also have music class with Ms. Ashley.

Please remember to leave 2 changes of clothing here for your child as extra.

Have a great week!

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