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We will be having a fire drill Monday May 11th at approximately 8:50am. You will not be able to drop off your child during this important learning event. Thank you!



We are nearing the end of our fall session and are running low or are completely out of a few items in our class. Here's our list:

Playdough - 4 packs needed

Elmers Washable Squeeze Glue - 8 bottles needed



Have you registered your child for our summer session?



Our Fund Run will be next Friday May 15th

Have your child wear comfortable running shoes

We are scheduled to arrive on the field at 9:05am, start our run at 9:15am and end at 9:25am

Please notify Ms. Kim or Ms. Nicole if you plan to sign your child out for the rest of the day.

We hope to see you here! And don't forget your camera!



Last week we talked about Earth Day and how to help take care of our planet, you may have heard your child singing our recycling song, it is very catchy! Thank you to everyone that sent in an empty can, they were repurposed as some very cute pencil holders. Also, hopefully the birds enjoyed the bird seed treats that were sent home.

This week our theme is "Books by Eric Carle." Each day we will read one of the following stories: The Mixed-Up Chameleon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, Friends and The Grouchy Ladybug. We will have finger painting and an egg carton caterpillar art project and we will be making butterflies out of sliced fruit. Also, hopefully our ladybug larvae and caterpillars will arrive this week! We will be observing our new classroom pets to learn about the different stages of their life cycles and then we will release them outside. Finally, as Friday is May Day, our class will surprise some fellow school staff with flowers.

If you have any of the following materials we would love to use them in our class:

  • Clear shoe-box sized containers
  • Gallon size ziplock bags
  • Elmer's School Glue
  • Blank note cards

Finally, please remember to continue to bring in your Fund Run forms and to wear your past shirts each Friday!



Last week we studied manners. After reading "The Rainbow Fish" we had a foil art project in the art center. We also learned about being kind with a "bee" art project. Our songs were "Please and Thank You" and "The More We Get Together". We brainstormed good manners and role-played some not-so-good manners! We had the opportunity to practice etiquette with a tea party complete with crumpets!

This week we will celebrate Earth Week. In our sensory table we will explore a "coral reef" with water, sea glass, sand dollars, and sea shells. In art we will recycle a can by making it into a pencil holder and learn about feeding the birds by making a bird treat. Our topics will include: Creation, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle, endangered animals, and being kind to plants and animals.

We are also busy preparing for our school-wide Fund Run, which will be held on Friday May 15th. This is a fun morning with our class together, running on the grass field. You will receive a packet this week with 5 pledge forms and 5 tickets. Please obtain 5 pledges from friends, neighbors, relatives or co-workers. The raffle tickets are from parishioners who have already pledged money for our school, and your child may win one of the prizes that are displayed upstairs near the office. For each pledge form you turn in, your child will get an additional ticket! Please take a moment with your child to drop the tickets in the containers upstairs. Contact Andrea McIntyre at with any questions. You are welcome to join us to cheer your child on and to assist your child and his/her classmates.

If your child has participated in prior Fund Runs, we are wearing past t-shirts each Friday leading up to the May 15th run.

Have a great week with your child!

On Monday, April 6 (during spring break), we will be having an Easter egg hunt! We are asking each child who is signed up to attend on that day bring in 5 filled plastic eggs to contribute. Thank you.

Last week we survived the rain with a few indoor active sessions in the gym! We went on a "Bear Hunt", played London Bridge and Farmer in the Dell! We even tried musical chairs!

In art we made collages with things you might find in a kitchen, and made Kookaburra birds. We explored kiwi fruit for a science activity and had our class photo.

This week we will celebrate everything Easter! We will have Easter themed art, music, stories, learn "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and taste hot-cross buns!

Our class has a few items needed if you would like to help contribute:

White rice for our sensory table

Stickers and patterned scrapbook type papers for art

Plastic lids from cottage cheese, butter dish or large yogurt tubs for streamer handles

Have a great week, and enjoy Easter with your family!


Last week we explored the letter 'X' with an X-marks the spot treasure hunt thru our school, made 'x's with pretzels, shared a book about x-rays and even saw a real x-ray of a human spine! In art, tissue paper rainbows were a big hit!

This week, our letter is 'K'. Please brainstorm with your child words that begin with the letter 'k'. We will be making kitchen collages and kites, exploring kaleidoscopes and flying kites. We will have the opportunity to taste kiwi and sort and count keys! Our class photo day will be Thursday at 11:15. If this is not a scheduled day of attendance for your child, you are encouraged to bring them for the photo with our class.


Enrollment for fall is underway, please be sure to register your child.

Don't forget to call if your child stays home on their scheduled day.

Please note the days/times of our special field trips planned for spring break week, April 6th thru April 10th.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to foster your child's learning!



Kim Breen Nicole Shaw

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