Montessori’s First Day is August 31st

Greetings Montessori Families,

We are so looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday, August 31st! We have been busy preparing our classrooms and lessons for your children, the rooms look great, and we are full of anticipation…fall is always such an exciting time of year for us as well as the kids!
I wanted you to give you an update on our construction progress for the new building. I just learned today that our parking lot will remain inaccessible this week, so we will need to resume our plan to use the 5 min. drop off/pick up zone on Standard Street along the west side of the building. The main doors will be open, and the pathway from the 5 min. park zone will be open along the north side of the building as well. This is the same routine we’ve used this summer, and we hope this will work out well for all of you Thursday and Friday of this week.
Just so you know, because of the parking lot closure this week, our friends and families enrolled in the K-8 program upstairs will be delaying their first start date to Tuesday, September 5. While the ELC program is structured with staggered start and end times for families and we are able to utilize the available parking spaces along Standard St. fairly efficiently each day, the volume of cars and spaces needed for parents to park is much greater with the K-8 program and poses huge logistical issues for our surrounding neighborhood and traffic flow. Please also know that we will not be able to provide care for K-8 children through our extended care (ELC) program on Thursday & Friday. We are sorry for any inconvenience this creates for you and your family.
Thank you.
Julie Simmons, ELC Director