April 17-21 Newsletter

Theme Description: ● We will learn about plants and how they grow. We will grow green bean plants. ● We will work on writing the letter Xx. Information: ● Assessments have gone home if you have any questions about your child’s assessment please ask us. I will be starting the Spring assessments very soon. ● Our Fund Run will be on June 2nd. Donations: We are out of tissues for our classroom any donations would be wonderful. We are low on wet wipes any donations would be appreciated. Weather: Please make sure your child has a coat or light sweater for the chilly mornings. We go outside in the mornings at 9:15 am and again in the afternoon at 3:45 pm. Religion: We pray with our Church family. We will discuss how we pray at Church, and in school. If you have any questions please call us at 489-7825 ext 212, or contact us at marystals16@gmail.com. Thanks for being in partnership with us! Thank you, Miss Candy and Miss Mary

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