April News Notes!

Good Afternoon! I hope Spring Break left you all rested and healthy! I , on the other hand, have a house full of sick kids and a sick husband too, so say some prayers for me! J April is a busy month full of activity, so please let me know if you if your family will be traveling in advance so I can have your child’s work prepared! Thank you so much!

In April:  In Humanities, we have just begun our 5th novel study, Steal Away Home by Lois Ruby.  It is a mystery novel that focuses on the Underground Railroad.  We will encounter some sensitive topics regarding race and slavery in this novel, so please talk to your children about the book, or class discussions.  Also, feel free to call me with any questions/concerns.

In Mrs. Nuss’ Math class, we are working through chapter 8, which is focused on Geometry.  Please make sure your child has a protractor for class each day.  Thank you and I apologize for the late notice.

In Religion, we will be continuing our Lenten studies focus, and we will be studying forms of prayer, almsgiving and fasting.  This week we are focusing on the Stations of the Cross, Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  Our students will also be visiting St. Margaret’s this week for our Social Justice Project.  Thank you for all of the Easter Basket goodies! You are all so generous!  The last weeks of April, we will be celebrating  the Easter Season.

In Grammar, we are continuing our spelling work; working with parts of speech, and letter writing for a variety of purposes.

In Social Studies, our Colonial Times Unit continues and teaches us about the exciting  beginning to the great country. In STEM, we will continue our study of force and motion with some fun, hands-on, in-class assignments

.Homework, TeacherEase and Sports Eligibility

Please continue to check TeacherEase on a regular basis.  Students who are not turning in assignments will be ineligible to play baseball.  As we turn the corner toward 6th grade, I would really like to see them to continue to work hard and turn in quality work. After Spring Break, we will transition them to the 6th grade homework policy so they are prepared for next year. The policy is as follows:

Grades 6-8:          

  • 1 day late- 25% off
  • 2-5 days late- 50% off
  • More than one week late-0, no chance for make up

Thank you for your help and support on this! I really do appreciate your partnership!

Important Dates

  • Happy Birthday RC Wells and Mattison Resleff!
  • Wed/Thurs 4/12-13 Social Justice Project- 11:45-12:45 Drivers: Wed-Ewers, Wells, Nuss, Resleff. Thurs-Oty, Thompson, Nuss
  • Friday 4/14: All School Stations of the Cross 10:00am
  • Monday: 4/17 NO SCHOOL- Easter Monday
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