March 27-31 Newsletter

Bumblebee News

Week of March 27-31, 2017

Theme: Dinosaurs


Theme Description:

  • We will learn about dinosaurs names, do some dinosaur art, and count dinosaurs, make dinosaur books, and write the numbers.
  •  We will work on writing the letter Cc.



  • During Spring Break April 3-7,  the ELC is open regular hours.
  • On Monday April 17, the ELC will be closed for Easter Monday Holiday.
  • The children will work on tracing and writing the letters.  They will trace the numbers 1-10.



Please make sure your child has a coat. We go outside in the mornings at 9:15 am and again in the afternoon at 3:20 pm.  


This week in Religion we are discussing how friends of Jesus pray together.  We will discuss different ways to pray.


If you have any questions please call us at 489-7825 ext 212, or contact us at Thanks for being in partnership with us!


Thank you,

Miss Candy and Miss Mary

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