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St. Al’s Spanish Registration Spanish After School Program: St. Al’s is excited to offer an after school Spanish class! The class will be held Mondays after school for one hour. It runs March 13th-May 8th for 8 weeks (with spring break week off). Mrs. Fanny Hanson will be teaching the after school sessions. The goal is to increase student achievement in vocabulary and basic conversational phrases. Mrs. Fanny Hanson has many years of Spanish teaching experience and is eager to bring her gifts and love of language to St. Al’s.


This extra-curricular program aims to offer a full Spanish experience. While experience is not necessary, enthusiasm is! The outline for the program is as follows: Week one: Math (numbers, colors, shapes, greetings) Week two: Reading (classroom objects, alphabets, days of the week) Week three: Science (Animals and Nature) Week four: PE (activities, games, verbs) Week five: Music (songs) Week six: Assembly and Fiesta

IMPORTANT INFO FOR PARENTS This is a wonderful opportunity with endless rewards for students, but please keep in mind that the program does require a commitment from both the student and his/her family. Please carefully consider the following:

1. Sessions take place Monday after school from 3:15-4:15pm. If needed a second offering will be held from 4:15-5:15 on Mondays for older ages. Parents are expected to pick their children up on time at the classroom door.

2. It is important that students attend all sessions. We realize there will be some exceptions; this will be on a case by case basis that must be established with the teacher at the beginning of the program.

3. There are a limited number of spots in the program. Please be mindful that if forms are not turned in on time, we cannot guarantee a spot for your child. To sign up, complete the attached registration form and turn it into the school office. Please refer to the sign-up deadlines for returning your sheets: Deadlines: March 6th

4. The cost of the program is $75/Student or $125 for a family of two. Registration forms need to include payment in the form of a check made out to “St. Aloysius School.” If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Angie Krauss or Dawn Manfred about scholarship opportunities.

5. Each student and parent must read, sign, and adhere to the Behavior Contract on the back of the Registration Form. Please feel free to contact Dawn Manfred, if you have any questions or need additional information. Registration Form (One form per student. Spanish Program is first-come, first-serve, so turn in your forms on-time!)

Student Name:______________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________Grade:_________ _____ E-mail contact(s):____________________________________________________________________ ________ Mother’s Name_________________________________Day Phone______________Cell___________________ Father’s Name_________________________________Day Phone_______________Cell__________________ Best # to reach one of you in case of Emergency____________________________________________________ Emergency Contact if you cannot be reached_________________________________Phone_________________ Relationship to Student______________________________________________________________________ _ Please detail any physical limitations of which program/school officials need to be aware of (i.e. allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.):________________________________________________________________________ ______

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. Signify your agreement by signing the bottom. My child has permission to participate in all scheduled activities related to this program. In case of an emergency, I hereby give my permission to St. Al’s Catholic School to send my child to medical facilities designated by emergency medical/paramedic personnel. I understand there is a program fee of $75 per student ($125 per family), payable to St. Aloysius School, which must accompany each completed registration form. Guardian Signature:__________________________________________Date: _________________

BEHAVIOR CONTRACT As a member of St. Al’s School, I understand and agree to the following: 1. I will be on time and in attendance at all sessions that I am scheduled for. 2. If an emergency arises and I absolutely cannot be at a session, I will notify Mrs. Fanny Hanson at 3. I understand that I need to be picked up promptly, at the end of the scheduled session time. 4. I will be respectful to the teacher and members involved in this class. During sessions I will put my best effort forward. Time is limited and I am aware that when I am in class I will be focused. 5. I understand that any behavior issues during Spanish time will result in consequences. First-time offenses will result in a parent phone call. If multiple offenses occur I may not be able to participate in the class. Student Signature: _____________________________________ Date:________________

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