January News

Good Afternoon and Welcome Back!  I hope you had a wonderful and restful Christmas break with your families! Thank you again for all of the generous and thoughtful gifts! I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful community and even more blessed to teach your amazing children!

In January: In Humanities this month, we are finishing our Book Study with our Final Book Box Project due this Thursday. Please make sure they are completing this project this week. Also, I will be show the Movie “My Side of the Mountain”, so we can compare and contrast the novel and the movie.

In Mrs. Nuss’ Math class, we are beginning Chapter 5, which is focused on Fractions, Factoring, Greatest Common Factor, and Least Common Multiple and working backward to solve problems.

In Religion, we will be studying the parts of Mass and gratitude as we take in Jesus Christ through the Eucharist. The prayer they will be studying and memorizing is The Nicene Creed.

In Grammar, we are continuing our spelling work and well as mechanics and using context clues to build vocabulary.

In Social Studies, we will continue to study The Early Explorers! Be watching for a fun project with that!

In STEM, we will continue to study our solar system. We will also be making models of the solar system and visiting the Planetarium for a fieldtrip as we conclude the unit.  More details to follow!

Homework, TeacherEase and Sports Eligibility

Please continue to check TeacherEase on a regular basis.  Students who are not turning in assignments will be ineligible to play basketball.  As we turn the corner toward 6th grade, I would really like to see them to continue to work hard and turn in quality work. After Spring Break, we will transition them to the 6th grade homework policy so they are prepared for next year. The policy is as follows:

Grades 6-8:          

  • 1 day late- 25% off
  • 2-5 days late- 50% off
  • More than one week late-0, no chance for make up

Thank you for your help and support on this! I really do appreciate your partnership!


Important Dates

  • January 16- No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 29-Feburary 4- Catholic Schools Week


Brrr! It’s cold out there!

Please make sure you have your child appropriately dressed for recess. If it is 20 degrees, they will be sent out for recess! A coat, hat and gloves would be great! Thank you!



It’s only one month away, so please get your donations in and get your tickets!

Can’t wait to see you all there!


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