Merry Christmas!

*Newsflash* PJ day extended. Due to our later-than-expected Christmas program practice I have extended PJ day to Wed. as well as Tue. Student may leave their pjs at school for Wed. if they wish!


Here we are, the last week of school before Christmas! We are waiting for Jesus!

The students are having  a party for earning 100 marbles for good behavior. They voted for a PJ party so they can bring their PJs or sweats in a bag for tomorrow afternoon. We are headed to the church in the morning for the Christmas program practice. They can bring a stuffed animal if they would like for the afternoon as well.

We will be walking over to the church at 10:00 on Tuesday and Wed. Please send your child to school with warm clothes for being out in low temperatures.

Our Christmas party is on Friday from 2-3. We will be making Gingerbread houses. Loads of candy has been coming in, I can’t wait 🙂 Green and red free dress all day on Friday as well!

The answer to the Tangram tree homework for parents is in photo section of the webpage 🙂

Merry Christmas to all,

Pat Mills


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