November 7th-11th



Dear Owls Families,
This week in preschool
We will be learning about harvest time, scarecrows, and squirrels. We will discuss how people and animals prepare for winter by harvesting crops and collecting food. We will also discuss the changes in nature during this time of year.
Letter Review
We will be reviewing the letters we have learned from the past few weeks. Which are; “Nn, Hh, and Pp”
This week we will be leading up to Christmas by talking to the children about Jesus.  Who he was and how he lived.  We will discuss how he lived his life by being kind and helping others.
 Upcoming events:


    • Friday November 11th, Veterans Day, ELC closed


    • Thursday November 24th, Thanksgiving Day, ELC closed


    • Friday November 25th, Thanksgiving holiday, ELC closed


    • Friday December 2nd, photo re-takes


    • Monday December 26th thru Monday January 2nd, ELC closed


    • Tuesday January 3rd, ELC re-opened


Operation Christmas Boxes
We are collecting items for Operation Christmas Child boxes. Please ask Annie or I for a letter regarding items needed. Thanks for your partnership on how we can serve those in need.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We enjoy having your child in our class.
Miss Chelsea and Miss Annie


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