November 7-11 newsletter

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Week Of Nov.7-11

Theme: Nursery Rhymes

 We will learn about different nursery rhymes.  We will create a story page about Old King Cole.  Our letter this week is the letter Aa


  • The school and ELC will be closed this Friday November 11th.
  • We have started doing assessments on the students.  Please work with your child on letters and their sounds, numbers 1-10 and shapes.  In class we are playing games and learning different shapes.



With the weather getting colder, please make sure your child has a warm coat to wear outside to recess.  We go outside in the mornings around 9:15 and again in the afternoon around 3:20.  We also go outside at those times as long as there is no rain.  If it is raining we cannot go outside.


Some of the children do not have toothbrushes. Please check with Miss Candy or myself to see if your child needs a toothbrush.  We can only use water to brush.  Please leave the toothpaste at home.


This week we will learn about the element of form, the artist Alexander Calder.


We have finished Supertots.  The students really enjoyed going.

Show and Tell:

With the Christmas Program coming up we are not going to do show and tell.  We will restart show and tell in January.


This week in Religion we talked about being kind and helping each other.

If you have any questions please call us at 489-7825 ext 212, or email me at

Thank you,

Miss Candy and Miss Mary

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