weekly news October 4th-7th

Dear families,
This week we will be introducing arachnids. We will discuss parts of a spider, how they spin their webs, where different spiders live, what they eat, and why they are important to our environment.

Letter of the week This week we will focus on the letter “S for Spiders. We will work on the “s”letter sound and think of words that begin with that sound.

Each week:Please bring your child’s bedding and water cup home to be washed, as we cannot wash them here.

Absent or late arrivals: Please be sure to call when your child will be absent or late. This helps us to plan for our day. Our school phone number is (509) 489-7825 and our extension is x237.

Upcoming events:
▪ October 11th, evacuation drill, 9:30am, 4th Memorial Church
▪ October 13th, ELC individual picture day
▪ October 14th, Owls class and Hawks class pumpkin field trip
▪ October 20th, 5:15 VIRTUS (Code of Conduct) training
▪ October 21st, ELC closed, Early Childhood conference
▪ October 28th, Hallowfest

Miss Chelsea and Miss Annie

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