Sept. 26-30

Wow! What wonderful weather! We are still getting a small extra recess while the weather is still awesome. Today some of us practiced how to play 4 square.

Today we heard the book Wemberly Worried and recalled many of the things that she worried about. Tomorrow we will write down all our worries that we may have had starting the new school year. Our social skill this week is SELF CONTROL.

In math we are still working on ladybug story problems. This week in religion we will pray the Novena Prayer to St. Therese and learn more about Saint Mother Teresa. In writer’s workshop we are working on getting motion and speaking into our work.

Have a wonderful week!

converstation starters:

What did Clementine do to her hair and how is everyone reacting?

What kind of worries do you have that are different than Wembery’s?

What math tub did you go to recently? What do you do there?

What does self control look like? sound like?

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