weekly news

Dear Families,
This week will be learning all about leaves. The leaves are going to start changing color soon. It’s the perfect time to introduce our next theme-fall. We will help children become aware of the changes that take place in the fall and have fun with some fall activities. We will also talk about squirrels and other animals that are preparing for colder weather.
This week we will begin our religion lessons. Our first story will be about how God created the world and how our God is our creator. This is a story that teaches children to appreciate the world and everything in it. We will also discuss ways to help take care of the earth and help others.
Letter of the Week
This week we will focus on the letter “L” for leaves.  We will work on the “l” letter sound and think of words that begin with that sound.
Upcoming events:
September 17th- VIRTUS  at 9am
October 11th- Fire Drill
October 20th- ELC individual picture day
October 21st- VIRTUS at 5:15pm
October 28th- Hallowfest
Any questions or concerns. don’t hesitate to contact us.
Miss Chelsea and miss Annie
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