Weekly Newsletter

September 19, 2016 Dear 2nd Grade Parents, It has been a wonderful week. The children are working hard, playing hard, and getting along well with each other. I am enjoying getting to know the children and parents. We are all partners in your child’s education. I appreciate your cooperation and patience as we begin this new year. We have been studying the parts of a story including characters, plot, setting, and events. We will be learning about trees and plants and making observations. We are also learning about money by identifying coins and adding up different amounts of money. They can practice this skill at home by adding up any spare change you have around. We wrote a “thank you” letter to God for His beautiful creation. We also started our technology sessions with our junior high mentors working on math and reading skills. This week we are continuing our homework routine. Each child needs to read a minimum of fifteen minutes each night, Monday through Thursday. Reading is of course encouraged everyday but for homework I need a parent/guardian signature on the reading log. Please return the reading log in the red folder on Fridays. Spelling homework is also required which consists of writing each of the twelve spelling words three times on the paper I have provided. Please encourage neatness with correct letter formation including appropriate use of upper and lower case letters. Students also need to write each word in a short sentence, story, or poem on the back of the spelling word list. Math homework is also provided and everything is due Friday! We will have a spelling test on Fridays for all twelve words. We will be practicing using these words in various activities throughout the week. Please encourage your child to follow through with the reading, spelling, and math homework to build early success and pride in their work. We are talking about good choices knowing what Jesus would want us to do. The students have a copy of questions at school to ask themselves when trying to make good choices. I have sent home another copy to keep at home to reinforce our efforts at school and at home. A reminder that there will be no school on Friday, October 14th and Friday, October 21st due to teacher inservice training. Have a great week! Sincerely, Mrs. Diane Weber

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