Weekly Newsletter

Monday, September 12, 2016 Dear Parents and Second Graders, We have had a fun and productive first two weeks of school. I appreciate all of you coming to our Open House. We also had our first all school Mass and celebrated the 100th birthday of our school. We had a great time sharing our “paper bag” family projects. The children loved getting to know each other better. Thank you for all your help with the project. Our class projects have included our “Popes” and learning about Pope Francis. We made rainbow fish adorned with a special Christian symbol. We will be reviewing math facts with mad minutes. We will review odd and even numbers from 1 to 100, skip counting by fives and tens 1 to 100. We will also review beginning, middle, and final sounds in phonics. We have done “share aloud” stories, written short stories with illustrations. We have quite the creative authors! We have been busy! This will be our third week of school! We will have our spelling test on Friday. The word list is being sent home today. The student needs to print each word in pencil three times on the paper provided. Also remember to write each word in a sentence, story, or poem. Math homework is also provided. Please return the homework no later than Friday. Also, keep track of your reading on the reading log and return it on Friday. Remember to return the red folder each day. I will keep them on Friday so I can get ready for the next week. Remember to sign up at the Parish Center for First Eucharist/Confirmation if you would like to participate. Registration is required. Corrected class work and homework will be sent home most weeks. Please review it with your child using lots of praise and affirmation. I am so proud of these second graders. I am blessed to be a part of their education at St. Al’s. Enjoy these beautiful late summer days. Sincerely, Mrs. Diane Weber

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